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About Us
Who are these crazy girls...?

ONCE! In a far away land (Dallas) TWO GIRLS MET! One could sew. The other...was useless. TOGETHER! They made costumes! THIS WAS THEIR STORY!

Shelley talking here; Well, okay. Long story short, I met this girl at Art Institute of Dallas, and we became friends. When Akon rolled around, everyone was talking about costumes, and mostly, to her about them. Turns out she was making them for people cause she is...*clears throat* rather talented. Anywho, I asked her if she could help me out with mine. THUS IT BEGAN! We had a lot of fun making the first few (though the Ashelin one was already completed)I mostly painted things, handsewed buttons, made jewelry, and made weapons! But I helped! Ok, so she did more of the work. I hope to make that change, for I want to learn how to sew. For now, I stick to painting (especially special details), jewelry, and weapons. Party on Katie!

So yeah… Katie here..? So I met this kid in college and what not and she asked me to help make her costume for A-kon which was cool cause I can sew. GO ME! And well since then it has become my new hobby cause since we draw all the time in school I don’t always want to draw in my spare time anymore (even though I still do… just not as much.) I mostly modify existing patterns cause I don’t know how to make my own and as for props I kinda just make it up as I go along until it looks AMAZING!!!!! Because apparently I have mad skills…. Or something… Yeah. Party on Shelley!!!

In short...
We're two girls in college who love to make stuff. AND WE DRAW PRETTY PICTURES! *retarded poses*
The Website and Operation
We make costumes whenever we find the time from homework and whenever we're bored. But sometimes, (like recently) when we realize a convention literally snuck up on us, then we pull all nighters and still pull off costumes. As schooling goes on, homework is getting heavy, but we're still truckin. =)

The website is maintained by Shelley (me...) and is a part of my main website, Kakushi-Kamera.net.

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