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Fuuka Yamagishi
From: Persona 3
Which is a: Video Game
Created by: Shin Megami Tensei

Cosplayer: Shelley

Fuuka has a special power; she oversees battles fought by SEES and helps them throughout the game. She's a sweet girl with a good heart and wants to do everything she can to help the team. She also enjoys cooking, though, she's not that good at it.

I hadn't seen many people cosplaying Fuuka. My first intention was Mitsuru, but since I've seen tons of Mistsuru's hanging around instead of Fuuka, I went with her. (Plus the wig was cheaper heheh) I enjoyed cosplaying her, though wearing a wig was sort of weird XD; I'd never worn one before. Oh yeah, the evoker (aka gun) was so much fun to make!

Black cotton polyester blend
Black industrial snaps
Teal broad cloth
Blue-green fabric paint for patterns
White ribbon
Yellow ribbon
White leggings
Short light blue wig

SEES gun:
Craft foam
Hot glue
Sliver acrylic paint
Black acrylic paint
Gold acrylic paint
Blue-green fabric paint (for that one stripe)
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