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Yuki Cross
From: Vampire Knight
which is a: Manga/Anime
created by: Matsuri Hino

cosplayer: Shelley

Yuki's earliest memory is seeing a vampire over her wanting her blood...and then, of being saved by a vampire. Since then, she was adopted by headmaster Cross at Cross Academy and has lived with the secret of knowing that vampires exist. She is a member of the disciplinary committee at Cross Academy, along with her friend Zero.

Shelley here-
I really love this manga (as well as Matsuri Hino's work) and Vampire Knight is just an awesome story. I automatically loved the style of the uniforms (and everything else) so I decided to choose Yuki to cosplay as. The sleeve cuffs are awesome =) Katie did the sewing for the jacket and then I painted it. That armband was...gah; that design on it was intricate I had to paint it with a pencil! Both me and katie made the gun, which took some time. Due to me having the gun though, I got one comment asking if I was a "female Zero". I wish I could've made her official weapon-the retractable stick of AWESOME-but I couldn't =( but overall, this was such a cool cosplay!
Black cotton polyester blend
Black industrial snaps
Red ribbon
Black rose buttons
White airbrush paint
Silver spray paint (for rose buttons)

'Bloody Rose' Gun:
Craft foam
Hot Glue
Silver rub and buff
Black airbrush paint
A random biker chain
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