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Frequently Asked Questions
Or, questions we think you're asking now!

Where do you operate?
-In the living room of Katie's house. It has her sewing machine there...and South Park =)

Why did you guys start this?
-Cause we like to make things...and it's fun and very rewarding when we get nice comments at conventions. Plus, it's another way to unleash our creativity.

Where did the name 'Heavenly Fortune' come from?
-That would be our friend Gil. He came up with it after we decided on doing the Heavenly Sword cosplay and the Uncharted cosplay for next year, thus, the origin!

Why on earth is there always a 'tm' after your name?
-TRADEMARK! Well, it's a pun from Kaiba in the Yu-Gi-Oh! abridged series episode #26--it's the Kaiba Corp DUEL DISK SYSTEM!!!! ...trademark.

Got any Questions?
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